The best Black Jack tips and hints to win at online Casinos!

At the first view Black Jack seems to be a very simple card game, but if you try your luck at a online Casino you will find out that it’s hard to make money by playing Black Jack! We summarised the most important Black Jack tips and hints which should make it much more easy for you to make profit with Black Jack! In order to reduce the advantage of the online Casino, you have to check the croupier’s uncovered card and to introduce this knowledge in your strategy! Now you have to estimate if the risk of a bust is higher or if it’s the better policy to hit another card. If the total value of your hand is lower than 8, you should hit anyway, no matter which card the croupier has.

If the value of your Black Jack hand is 17 or more, it’s the best strategy to stand except if one of your cards is an ace. In this case the ace can also be seen as a 1 and that’s why it can be benefting to hit another card. If your first two cards have a total value of 9, 10 or 11double down, because there is a big chance of getting a court card! If you finally get a court card, your total value is 19 or more and you hold a very good hand. Stand if your cards have a value of 13 or more if the croupier’s card is 2-6 because there is a big chance for a croupier’s bust! Finally a general Black Jack tip: Never contract a Black Jack insurance! The probability of making profit by contracting an insurance is negative, and by doing so you will only sponsor the online Casino on the long run! Follow these Black Jack tips and hints and you will become much more successful at online Casinos. All these tips are based on Black Jack probabilities and will make it much more easy for you to make profit by playing Black Jack. Every Black Jack expert follows this strategies, because it’s the only way to increase your chances of success on the long run.

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