Roulette Strategy – increase your Casino profits with the best roulette strategy!

Roulette strategies are ten a penny – but only a few roulette strategies really work. If there was a simple strategy which with you would only win there would be lots of millionaires and no more Casinos. In order to increase your Casino profits you have to work hard at your strategy and firstly to get to know about the probabilities of Roulette gambling. Most Roulette strategies are based on progression – the continuous increase of wagers over the time. We will now give you an overview of this Roulette strategy, but in order to increase your Casino profits on the long run, it’s important to gain experience and to create your own Casino strategy!

Roulette Strategy – make use of progression to become more successful at online Casinos!

If we follow the probability calculation and statistics, we will see that events with the same probability will occur as often as others with the same probability on the long run. The following Casino strategy uses this knowledge and will help you to increase your Casino profits! As an example we will now show you the strategy by betting on dozens, but this strategy can be used for any other Roulette bets as well. The best way to test your Casino strategies is by doing so at onlie Casinos – you have enough time to take notes and you don’t have any time pressure. At the beginning you should take a slip of paper and a pen to take notes of the casted numbers. Now you start a fictitious game without betting any real stakes and make notes of the numbers. The best way to do so is by making a table like this:

betround 1. dozen 2. dozen 3. dozen
1 x    
2     x
3 x    
4   x  

Now you make your notices over at least 50 bet rounds and you will see that events will be nearly balanced on the long run. After doing so, the real Casino game starts: Each time a particular dozen was not realised five times you make your bet on it. The probabilities for each dozen are the same for each betting round, but they have to be realised equaly on the long run. At first you bet one unit on the dozen which wasn’t realised in the last 5 rounds. If this particular dozen now will be realised you win, and now you have to wait again for the next serial of a dozen which wasn’t realised over the last five rounds. If the particular dozen was not realised, we try to make many by using the progression. Now you place your bet again on the same dozen, but now you double down your first stake. You have to do so until the dozen will be realised.

Casino Strategy table for the roulette progression strategy:

betround stake winning net profit
1 1 2 1
2 2 4 1
3 4 8 1
4 8 16 1
16 32 1

As you can see – you won’t lose by following this roulette strategy!

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