Roulette – types of bets – single chances and multiple chances

There are many ways to place your bets by playing roulette. Generally we distinguish between single chances and multiple chances.

Single chances:

Single chances are the most popular and at the same time easiest way to place your bets. By doing so, you have the chance to place your bet at one of two possible outcomes. If you win, your payout amount is always two times the amount of your stake. If you place a 5 Euros chip for example, you will get 10 Euros payed out if you win.

Roulette types of bets – single chances:

• red (rouge) or black (noir)
• even (pair) or odd (impair)
• 1-18 (manque) or 19-36 (passe)

A Roulette gambler always bets on the incidence of a particular event. If the ball finally stands on one of the decided fields, you get twice the amount which you placed payed out by playing single chances.

multiple chances:

In contrast to single chances, multiple chances can be realised in many different ways. If you play multiple chances, there is a lower probability to win but if you win you get a multiple of your wager payed out.

Roulette types of bets – multiple chances:

full number (plein):

you make your bet on one of the 37 numbers of the table. If you guessed the right number, your pay out is 35:1

split (cheval):

a split includes two numbers which are arranged on the roulette table next to each other. If one of this numbers wins, you get y payout of 17:1

street (transversale plein):

a steet is like a split with the only difference that you bet on 3 numbers at the same time. The payout is 11:1 if the ball stands on one of your numbers.

corner (Carrè):

by betting a corner you bet on four filds which are arranged next to each other at the roulette table. The payout is 8:1

six line (Transversale simple):

a six line is a bet on two rows (6 fields) which are arranged next to each other on the table. The payout for a six line is 5:1

dozens (Douzaines):

If you bet on a dozen, you make your bet on one of three possible dozens of numbers. The total numbers of 1-36 are split in three dozens (1-12; 13-24; 25-36) and you can bet in which of those dozens the number will finally be. The payout is 2:1

columns (Colonnes):

betting on columns works the same way like betting on dozens does. The total numbers are also divided into three columns and you can make your bet in which column the number will be. The payout is also 2:1

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