Value bets – successful sports betting with value bets:

Very often you can read at forums about this mystic value bets. But this betting strategy is far ranging and there are many cases at which so called value bets are everything else but not value.

What is a value bet?

A value bet describes generally bets with inflated odds. So the betting expert thinks that the odd is compared with the probability too high. The major difficulty is to calculate the real probabilities of the sports events. Simplified valuebets work like this: You think that team A will win the match with a confidence of 50%. A adequate odd to this probability would be 2,00. If you think they will win with 50% - you should get two times your stake if they do so if it is a fair odd. If it’s a value bet, the odd has to be higher than the probability – in the case above a odd which is higher than 2,00 would be a value odd.

Is it possible to win with valuebets on the long run?

Theoretical value bets will bring you sure winnings. The problem is, that it’s (nearly) not possible to estimate the real probabilities for sports events. How can calculate the real probabilities if team A or team B will win or if the match ends up draw?

How can I estimate the value of a bet?

In order to estimate the probabilities for sports results it’s very important to do a lot of research. Your estimations should include besides the current table standings also statistics like head to head, form tables, home- and away tables and the current situation like injured players. Your calculations should also be influenced by the situation of the team/player like – which team needs the points more important? Which team needs to win? and things like this.

Winning chances, advantages and disadvantages of value bets:

The biggest disadvantage of this betting strategy is the expenditure of time which is required to calculate the probabilities. You should concentrate only on a few countries and leagues and study them very intensive. Additional you should open up betting accounts at many different sportsbooks to grab the best odd for each particular event. If you realy work hard at your strategy, you should have a big chance to make great profits on the long run.

Wie empfehlenswert sind sure bets?

Prinzipiell sind sure bets eine gute Möglichkeit beim Sportwetten Geld zu verdienen. Da es aber einige Risiken gibt, ist es ratsam anfangs nur mit kleinen Einsätzen zu spielen und sich langsam der Materie anzunähern. Unser Quotenvergleich gibt Ihnen einen Einblick über die Quotenunterschiede und Quotenschwankungen der verschiedenen Wettanbieter.

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