Sure bets – how to make money with sure bets:

Surebets are maybe the most popular betting system. Some years ago it was quite easy to make money with surebet strategies, but things changed and it gets even harder.

What does sure bet mean?

Sure bets are those bets, which you can’t lose. Sure Bet betting strategies are based on the varities of the odds from different bookies. The easiest example to explain a sure bet is a tennis match, because there are only two possible outcomes:

Player A wins: odd 2,10 at bookie X
Player B wins: odd 2,10 at bookie Y

If odds would be distributed like that, we as gamblers will always win – no matter how the game will end. Imagine that you place a € 100.- bet on player A at bookie X and another bet of € 100.- on player B at bookie Y. The payout amount will be € 210 – no matter which player wins. In that case you have a net profit of € 10.- (payout amount 210 – overall stake 200 = net profit 10) Similarly the sure bet strategy works for other betting options and betting events.

Is it really possible to win for sure with surebets?

Basically this question has to be answered with “yes”. Odds will always differ between the bookies and as a sure bet expert you have the chance to take advantage of this fact. But it is not that easy like it looks at the first view.

What are the risks concerning surebets?

The risk free money which falls down from the sky doesn’t exist, and also sure bets do not work that way. There are some important rules you have to follow if you want to make money with sure bets:

• Quickness: there is an endless number of sure bet gamblers all over the world who are waiting for surebets. If you are not quick enough, the odds will decrease again if there are high stakes on particular events.

• Expenditure of time: you always have to be aware if there is a new sure bet chance on the Internet. That means that you have to check odds as often as possible and that means that you need a lot of time in order to be successful.

• Limits: all bookies have limits concerning the stakes they accept. If you have already placed your first bet at bookie X for example on player A and now you need to place the other bet on player B at bookie Y, you will lose some money if you can’t place your required amount at bookie Y because the limit is too low. In this case you have to place the remaining wager at another bookie with the next best odd for this particular event.

• Small winning margin: In order to make real big money with sure bets you need a lot of initial capital. An average surebet has a winning margin of 1%-2% and you won’t become rich if your wager is € 100.-

How recommendable are sure bets?

Sure bets offer you a great chance to make money with sports betting. As there are some risks, we recommend to bet only small stakes at the beginning to avoid big losses because of mistakes. Our odds comparison service offers you the chance to be informed about odd differences and odd variations of the different bookies.

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