Texas Holdem Poker probabilities – Poker hand probabilities

In order to win on the long run it’s important to know about the Texas Holdem Poker probabilities of the Poker hands. If you want to know if your hand is good or if it’s better to fold you need to know how probable the particular hand will win or lose. The following Poker probability table offers you an overview of the various Poker hands and their probabilities. All data of the Poker probability table are based on 5 cards out of 52 – the standard Texas Holdem Poker game:

Poker probability table for Texas Holdem Poker 5 out of 52 cards:

Poker hand: Number of possible combinations: Probability in percent:
Royal Flush 4 0,00015%
Straight Flush 36 0,0014%
Four of a kind 624 0,024%
Full House 3.744 0,14%
Flush 5.108 0,2%
Straight 10.200 0,4%
Three of a kind 54.912 2%
Two pairs 123.552 5%
One pair 1.098.240 42%
High Card 1.302.540 50%

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