Texas Hold’em Poker school – learn easy and comfortable how to play Texas holdem Poker on the Internet!

Playing Texas Holdem Poker on the Internet is not only great fun – you also have the chance to make real money by doing so. But before you start your Poker career and make big profits at the best online Poker rooms you should be informed very well about Texas Hold’em Poker! At leobet.com you find the most important Texas Holdem Poker rules to learn how to play poker. You will learn the main rules very easy, but in order to become a poker expert it needs a lot of experience and practise.

Texas Holdem school – learn how to play online Poker in a few steps:

Texas Hold’em is the world’s most famous and most popular game of Poker. Through the poker boom on the Internet you now have the chance to play Texas Holdem Poker without being dependent on other poker players. And that’s the way playing Poker works on the Internet:

Choose your favourite Poker room and sign up. At leobet.com you can find an assortment of the best online poker rooms. After you transferred money to the Poker room the fun can begin:

After opening the particular Poker software on your PC you can join a Poker room. This Poker rooms differ concerning their stakes and the number of Poker players on the table.

If you made your choice you can take a seat at the Poker table by clicking a free seat. (sit in)

Now the poker game starts. The dealer is labeled through a special chip with a “D” written on it. (dealer button)

After small and big blinds are ready the cards get dealed.

Every poker player gets two covered cards, the so called pocket cards and the player sitting left next to the big blind starts the game.

The first bet round (pre Flop betround) starts. If it’s your turn you have four options to act


throw away your cards if they are lousy


you make the same stake like the players before


if you have a good hand (or if you want to bluff) you can make a bet. If you play limit poker you can only bet a particular stake, if you are playing no limit poker you can bet as much as you want to.


if a player has already made a bet, you have the chance to raise the stake

If you are the small blind, you already had to made a bet of the half minimum stake at the beginning of the game and this stake is credited on your first bet. If you are the big blind you already had to bet the minimum stake. Also this wager is credited on your following actions).

As soon as all acitve players (those who have not already folded) made the same stake, the flop gets dealed. The flop consists of 3 community cards which are dealed at the centre of the poker table. You have to form the best hand with your pocket cards and the community cards. Now the next bet round starts and all players have the chance to call, raise or fold again. The player on the left side of the dealer starts the betround. In contrast to the preflop bet round there is no minimum stake now. If no player wants to bet, the round ends with no increase of the pot.

After the flop bet round a fourth community card gets dealed – the so called turn. Like after the flop also after the turn there is a betround.

After the turn betround the fifth and last community card gets dealed – the river. Again there is a bet round without any minimum stake. Now you have to form the best poker hand out of the seven cards (2 pocket cards and 5 community cards). After the last betround is over, the player with the best hand wins the pot (or the last one who folded if all players folded before the final showdown).

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