Texas Holdem Poker strategy – the best tips and hints to increase your Poker winnings!

The following Poker tips and hints should help you to play Poker much more successful and increase your chances to win at Texas Holdem Poker. In order to master all this Poker strategies, tips and hints you have to practice a lot. There are many Poker players who make the mistake of starting to play Poker without any preperation. Without the general knowledge of Poker rules and how to play Poker you can’t be successful anyway. If you already know the Poker rules and you have read this Poker tips you should be prepaired to start trying your luck at the best online Poker rooms!

Poker strategies, tips and hints:

To fold is not a sign of weakness!

Many Poker think that folding the Poker hand is a sign of weakness and they try to call everytime which is a big mistake! If you follow this strategy you will always lose on the long run. Try to calculate your own hand as objective as possible and fold everytime the probability to win is lower than the risk of a call or a bet!

Do not play too many hands!

That’s the same thing like the problem with folding. Also if it’s sometimes very attractive to see the flop – don’t make the mistake of calling until you see the flop every round. Already with the first two cards you can determine the chances of your hand and it’s sometimes better to fold before the flop! As a matter of course the risk to view the flop is also influenced by the amount of the blinds and the Poker version (limit or no limit). But Poker experts do only play about 20% of their hands until the flop, and that is no hazard!

The art of the bluff

Concerning the bluff we distinguish between two main mistakes: Poker players who always bluff, and those who never bluff. The principal rule for success is that your opponents can not see through you and your strategy. Also if a bluff misses there are some advantages – in the next rounds the other players will think that you bluff again and so they may undervalue your hand. But you also should not overact your bluffs, and always try to play risky bluffs if the pot is not plump filled, otherwise it will get expensive! As a general rule you should act like that: make a bluff everytime you see a big chance to take away the pot very easy or if your Poker strategy is in danger to get visible!

Try to see through your opponents!

Before you take your seat at a online Poker room it’s advisable to observe the active players for some time. You will soon realise which tactics they play and you can make notices of their strength and weaknesses. Also while you are playing you should always notice the special criterias of the players. So you can estimate if your opponent makes a bluff or if he has a strong hand.


Always take the maximum number of chips on the table. If you do so, you demonstrate strength and risk appetite. A big number of Poker chips can also be useful if you have a very strong hand and you want to go all in. It’s always better to join a Poker room with lower stakes but taking the maximum chips there than entering a high stake table with only a few chips.

Always include the position on the table in your strategy!

The position on the Poker table is very important, although many Poker rookies do not realise that fact. Always try to coordinate your Poker strategy and tactics with your current position on the table and try to make profit out of it. If you are the dealer, you have the chance to observe all other players until you have to act. This can be a big advantage if you can estimate the hands of the opponents. If you are the first player who has to act, it’s sometimes better to act more passive.

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